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At Naia English School, we believe that young learners must be able to learn while enjoying English. We try to foster a setting in which English can be used with the body, or with a smile. For children, if there is no desire to learn, the ability to learn is diminished. So we balance the focused study along with English through song, dance, cooking, art and other interesting activities. We aim for natural English that can be used in daily life.

Our philosophy is supported through the materials of Oxford University and Cambridge press, which are used with success in over 130 countries around the world. We follow our reading activities with roleplay and comprehension activities, which give our students a chance to not only read, but speak and understand the target language being introduced.

We want to emphasize that for very young learners (preschool, kindergarten age) we are fully aware that we are not only teaching English, but also teaching children how to grow into little people. We take care to also foster a safe, organized, and fun environment that children can both learn and grow at the same time.


Give us a call:

(月〜金)13:00 ~ 19:00
(土) 9:00 ~ 14:00
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