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Preschool Target Age:
Toddlers (15 months to 3 years)

It is a preparatory school for young children focused on peer-to-peer English interaction and providing various activities for kids to experience.


Your child can learn English naturally through life-oriented and hands-on activities.


The curriculum is well-balanced, including M & M, dramatic play, and story time, and fosters curiosity and confidence in English through fun play with foreign teachers. The English your child learns through the experience leads to natural spontaneous expression!


Short-term enrollment is also OK as preparation for entering kindergarten.

Another key purpose of this program is helping kids  separate from mothers for the first time, interact with  others, and play in groups.

In addition to experiencing English through in-class activities, such as circle time which nurtures the basics of group activities and work time which emphasizes individual interests, children also learn rules and etiquette to have fun.

Through various fun games with foreign teachers such as music and movement, art, story time, group games, cooking, etc., children develop curiosity and confidence in English and learn both interpersonal and international thinking.

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